What "context" would this go under (Now playing Radium track.)?

Hi All,

I’m using the nifty Radium applescript to capture the track that’s currently playing and send it to my inbox. Now, I just watched some of the courses at Learn Omnifocus and incorporated their contexts, such as “People, Errands, etc.” I’m totally not a GTD guy, so I’m at a total loss as to what context to assign. Right now I have a sequential list that I add them to, but as for context…?


How about “having fun” or “tuning in” or “tuning out” or “Radium” or …

Just curious … Why does it matter so much to you to have OmniFocus store the music tracks that you play?

Answer this question at the level of getting something done (because of it), and you may determine the context for yourself.

I’d also be curious to hear the intention behind adding these tracks to OmniFocus…and what action you would typically take in response to the captured track.

Like the others, I’m a little hesitant to jump in because I don’t know all of the details. But my guess is that you are collecting the cool tracks that you like to a Single Action list (or perhaps a project) with an idea of buying them later. If that’s the case, I’d recommend something like “Shopping”, “Radium”, “Music”, etc. . . whatever makes the most sense to you.

If I am wildly off base with my guess, feel free to provide more details and I’ll give it another shot. Thanks!!

Hi All,

Thanks for the input. @Foxhoyle hit the hammer right on the head. I had to take a breather and look at it with fresh eyes. I made a "Not Working"context, and a sub-context of “Kicking Back.” That will be a repository for all the random stuff that comes my way. (Books, TV, Music, etc.) I guess when the list gets very long I’ll probably link it it to Evernote.


FWIW, some folks just call it a “Someday” context.