What determines order of projects in Weekly Review perspective?

When I’m doing a Weekly Review using the built in feature, I’m sometimes surprised by the order of projects. They don’t always seem to follow their hierarchical order (which I would prefer). How is the order determined?

If you go to View settings (the eye icon), you can set the Review perspective to “Unsorted”. Would this help?

looks like that did it, thanks! Had been looking on iOS for an option like this, forgot to look back on the Mac.

The iOS app should have a view settings. Go to the Review perspective and swipe down on your iOS device’s screen. You’ll see the secret bar at the top. That should reveal a view settings.


Look at the section called “The Secret Bar (perspectives).”

Where is this in OF 3.x for ios?

There’s no option for sorting though on IOS

The iOS version appears to sort it as unsorted. This will follow your project hierarchy.

I could be wrong. I try to review them as soon as it pops up in the review perspective.