What difference exits between repetitions?


I have to quick question. When we mark a task like repeated, we can:
-Repeting since ending
-Repeting since assigned date

What difference exists between “Repeting since ending” and “Repeting since assigned date”?

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I think you mean Repeat on Completion and Repeat on Assigned Date. This might help:

We have a farrier due every six weeks to reshoe the horses. If he is late, I want his next visit to be six weeks from when he was last here, not six weeks from when he was supposd to be here. So for him, I use Repeat on Completion.

For paying bills, I want to pay bills every two weeks. If I miss the Due date, I still want to pay bills again on that date so I use Repeat on Assigned Date.



That you for that fresh and delightful illustrative vision!

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I am not sure that this is a good example : if I pay my bills every two weeks and I am three weeks late, then I should only have one instance of the “Pay bills” task, not two. The task is a reminder to pay bills at least every 2 weeks, and each time you do it, then you are ok for 2 weeks.

A better example maybe : if every week on Monday I need to read my team’s report, then it is a “repeat on assigned date” task; if I come back from a 3 week holiday, then I will have 3 reports to read.

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Now, I´ve understand good about this!

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From what I have seen, there will be only one instance of “Pay My Bills” until I check off my late one, and the next late one. I guess it depends on how often you pay your bills and how demanding the creditors are!

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