What do the dotted/dashed summary dots mean?

OF for iOS has those summary dots under the projects and contexts. I understand they’re a visual representation of how many tasks you have in each project and context, their colors (grey, red and orange). Unfortunately, I can’t find what these dashed/dotted dots mean.

I assume that the ‘open’ dots indicate that there are no tasks within these Projects / Contexts.

That’s not the case. Some have tasks, some don’t.

Hi @martinewski! @PeterW is correct – the dotted outline means that those contexts contain no visible items, according to your current View setting. Since the default View setting for Contexts is Available, often this translates into “the context has no available items.” This can be the case even if there are tasks in those contexts, if those tasks are blocked, deferred to the future, or on hold.

I hope that helps! If you still feel there’s an inconsistency, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.