What does this box mean?

What does this dotted box in front of a project name mean?

It means this particular Project is a set of parallel actions.


It looks to me like an unsupported character in the title of the project.

If it doesn’t mean anything to you, you should be safe to delete it just like deleting any other letter in the title.

Oh. You meant the dotted box. Not the parallel icon.

Missed that one.


Thanks for the insights.

As suggested, I simply selected the project name, deleted it and then retyped the name. This took care of the odd dotted box (with the letters OBU inside). It’s gone.

I appreciate the help.

Pax, Don

This is a symbol for a special character which the current font doesn’t know how to display. Perhaps you added an emoji character to this project name on an iOS device? You can read more about this symbol on wikipedia.