What happened to sharing to OmniFocus on OS X?

I just noticed that the OmniFocus extension is mysteriously missing from my Share menu in Safari on OS X (10.11.4). It’s not even an option any more in the extensions System Preference pane. I swear I’ve used it recently. Did something go awry in 2.5.3? Was it removed intentionally? Help!

Yes, mine disappeared too. Just click on ‘More…’ at the bottom of the menu in Safari which will open OS X Extensions preferences, and scroll down until you find OmniFocus and re-select it. It will then appear in your Safari menu.

Thanks @PeterW, but unfortunately OmniFocus is missing entirely from my Extensions list in System Preferences:

Is there perhaps a way to “re-register” it somehow?

Hi @skylarp. That is strange! I don’t know of a way to re-register, but I guess reinstalling would probably do it. But backup first to be safe.

This happened to me before and a reboot cured it. Not to mention the obvious.

This seems to be an issue in OS X 10.11 sometimes when apps are installed or updated. In our experience, as @dfay mentioned, restarting your Mac should do the trick. If you’re still having trouble though please let us know: omnifocus@omnigroup.com

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Thanks, all! I just logged out and in again, and the returned.

+1 for logging out and back in resolving this in El Capitan 10.11.6

Same thing happened to me again (on Sierra), but when I started OF, it asked me to update (to 2.7.1). Once I updated, the share extension was back. Didn’t have to reboot this time :)