What happened to the "specs" button?

I’ve been using 1 for years, now trying to set up 2 on my new laptop with Mavericks. Getting nowhere, finally realized there is supposed to be a view bar, and I can’t figure out how to get it as there is no “specs” button on the right of my toolbar. How can I get that to show? Have tried rebooting both Omnifocus and computer.

The view menu is now a drop down along the top menu bar. I don’t believe the filtering view bar that was available in Omnifocus 1 is in Omnifocus 2 yet. My guess is this is a feature request, but I could be wrong.

OmniFocus 2 no longer has a View bar. Instead, you can customize your current perspective using the View popover, which you can access from the toolbar. Additionally, if you have OmniFocus Pro, you can edit your perspectives using the Perspectives window.