What is Batch Find supposed to do? (OO5 Essentials)

OO5 Essentials has no Filter search.

The search box always says “Batch Find”.

But when I type something in it, nothing happens. Even if I copy and paste a term from my outline, nothing changes at all. Same results whether part of the outline is selected or not.

I can use the command-F search dialog but I am wondering if the non-functionalty of “Batch Find” is a bug, or whether it’s disabled in Essentials (in which case - why put the search box in the toolbar at all?) or whether there is something else I need to do.

Incidentally it works as expected, filtering lines, in the free iOS version. So I’m thinking this is probably a bug if it’s available for free on one platform and not for $ on another.

This unfortunately broke in 5.3. Batch Find is not included in Essentials. The field is suppose to be there for filtering. In 5.3 we made that field remember the last used setting between Batch Find and Filter for Pro and defaulted it to Batch Find. As a result, for many Essential users, the field is set to Batch Find and they don’t have the ability to change it. However, you can fix this by running this command in Terminal.app:

defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniOutliner5 DefaultSearchMode 0

Make sure you quit OmniOutliner before running this command.

We’ll be getting this fixed in an upcoming update. Sorry for the confusion!

Thanks! It seemed like a bug.

Unfortunately that defaults command didn’t fix it. I exited OO, entered the command and restarted. Shouldn’t need to reboot the Mac, right?

Oh, are you using the Mac App Store version by chance? If so try

defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniOutliner5.MacAppStore DefaultSearchMode 0

Thanks - worked that time.