What is the detailed format rules about 'date' parameter of new 'add' URL schemes (version 2.14 new features)?

For example, ‘+1m’ means a month later, so how to describe “30 minutes later”?

I don’t think it’s possible to specify “30 minutes” in the date fields. You’d have to enter the specific time. You can, however, specify hours. For example, “3h” would be 3 hours from now.

If it’s 3:15pm, you can type in “3:45pm” and it will defer for 30 minutes.

Oh, of course your method is OK. But I want an automatic way. So there is no unit for minutes? And I tried 0.5h is invalid.

Not in the current release, I’m afraid! The smallest unit available for relative date/time math is one hour.

You could write an AppleScript and put it in the toolbar.

It could ask for user input for number of minutes, then calculate the time based on current time, and insert the new time into the defer field.