What is the difference between Today Perspective and Flagged Perspective?

Hi friends!

I have been using OmniFocus for a year or more now and I know a lot of people create a Today Perspective but when I create one, using the setup other people have, I don’t really see a difference between Today and Flagged. Can anyone help me understand this? I don’t have a good morning routine and this has been hanging me up.



‘Today’ perspectives will filter by status: Due or Flagged

Flagged obviously doesn’t include tasks marked due, only flagged:

I’m not sure about others, but for me, my Today perspective also includes Due items. So it’s set to Due or Flagged, Available.

The idea behind this Today perspective is to work on all due items first. After you have finished due items, work on any tasks that you have the intention of completing today (flagged items).

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Thanks everyone! That makes sense. I don’t have many items which are actually due, so that is why I didn’t notice a difference. Thanks again!! :)