What is the future of OmniPlan?

It seems that OP gets the least amount of attention from the developer. Updates are rare, even the design is bit outdated compared to other apps.

Will OP be kept developed? Or it’s closet to end of this software?

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Yes I agree. I have been thinking about investing in OP for iPad and Mac but it would be expensive and there is no word from Omni on:

  • New versions
  • Continuing versions - is this going to be retired?
  • Feedback to users on this forum

All of which is off putting for an expensive investment and learning curve.
They look like useful tools but if they are about to be dropped I am not sure I want to make the jump.

Some official comment would be appreciated.

Omni Plan is not the only software with Gantt chart you know…

I’d like to see a lot more testing and bug fixing with the current version of OP. It’s the buggiest app Omni Group has released in my experience.

yep… one of the reasons I don’t use it any more

Sorry for the delay in replying to this post! OmniPlan development is indeed continuing and we do not have any plans to discontinue the Mac or iOS app.

The bulk of our work right now is focused on improving the Microsoft Project importer/exporter for both Mac and iOS, as well as addressing some bugs that appeared after Yosemite was released. We do have plans for new versions down the road, but we’ll talk more about that later when we have more concrete details to share.

As always if you have any questions, concerns, or bug reports feel free to email us at omniplan@omnigroup.com for a faster response. Thanks!

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Y’all need to do some serious testing/debugging of the publishing function to a WebDAV server. I’m seeing what looks like buggy behavior when I use that feature. I’ll send a e-mail to support about this.

Also, when working in full screen mode I need to see the plan title in the top bar, the current editing date and an indication the plan has been edited.

Not sure I understand the issue, in fullscreen mode Mac OS X will hide the filename title and edited indication until you move your mouse cursor up to the top of the screen (that’s what Apple apps like Pages and Numbers do when you enter fullscreen mode).

Did you mean working in a maximized window? Also, are you using Mac OS X 10.9 or 10.10?

Have been wondering about OmniPlan too, but not ready to get it yet. I’d like to see deep integration with OmniFocus 2 first. OmniPlan is too expensive to not be fully integrated with OmniFocus 2.


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Have to say I disagree.

Would love a UX refresh before the implementation of any new significant features.

It’s looking ridiculously outdated now.

Sure, UX refresh before significant features is fine. I wasn’t saying that OmniPlan should be fully integrated with OmniFocus before a UX refresh. By integrated, I don’t mean one app. I mean “being able to talk to each other well”.

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I am a long time user of OmniFocus on mac (and iPhone) and love it. despite that it took me a long time to get over the price tag of OmniPlan. If this integration had already been done I would have purchased it months ago. Without this feature I almost didn’t buy OmniPlan at all.
no brainer. I am sure many other people will feel the same… please please do this integration!


I wasn’t saying that OmniPlan should be fully integrated with OmniFocus before a UX refresh. By integrated, I don’t mean one app. I mean “being able to talk to each other well”.

i think we must first to know the all services of omnigroup.

I would bet this software will discontinued. I have never heard OmniPlan being used in big corporations, even it’s features are so much better than expensive online solutions.

Of course you haven’t seen it used in big corporations - part from the fact that big corporations still predominantly use PCs, not Macs, Moniplan doesn’t have all the features a full enterprise solution needs (such as a fully developed repository service).

OP is the best of the current Mac solutions, in my experience

I own EVERY Pro version of the Omni Apps, if @omnigroup doesn’t begin to move forward with OmniPlan / OmniFocus integration, I can’t see much reason to upgrade, especially with it’s high price tag. Integration between these two apps is just a no-brainer and would make them unrivaled productivity apps.

Good? Yes. No-brainer? I don’t think so. Where you’re running team projects with OP, the integration with OF doesn’t have great value unless all the team use it. and that, I’d bet, is a small minority of cases.

So, while it might be of massive value to you, it’s not a no-brainer for Omni

We’ve licensed thousands of copies of OmniPlan to teams at very large (Fortune 500) enterprises.

OmniPlan is very much an ongoing concern, with a major v2.1 update for iPhone and iPad just shipping last week (making OmniPlan available on iPhone for the first time—check out these videos—as well as adding Microsoft Project 2013 support), and with a major v2.4 update for Mac shipping this week (currently in public test).

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