What is the intended best practice for clearing out the Inbox?

Is there any official guidance from OmniGroup on how the Inbox is supposed to be processed? I know this question is related to the staggering number of gripes about how OF1 showed the Inbox with the project window, and I know that you can use a 2-window approach, but this is not what I’m asking.

I’m asking if there is a tutorial or something I can watch or read that describes exactly how the inbox is intended to be processed. I’m willing to change my workflow, but I can’t find any guidance on why it was designed like this in the first place. I’m assuming there’s at least a reason.

A video would be really helpful, but I can’t seem to find one that specifically deals with the Inbox processing workflow in detail.

Really? Nothing.

Is there a description anywhere or just some basic instructions?

  1. Go to inbox
  2. Select first item
  3. Fill in the missing fields as desired
  4. If there is a second item, select it and go to step 3
  5. Finish

With the idea being that you simply remember the existing projects that these might be affiliated with and use the pop-up suggestions to validate what you remember?

Yes, that’s what I do. Two or three keypresses is usually enough. I only have about 70 active projects, so there’s not that many possibilities to choose from, and it’s generally clear which outcome a given task in the inbox is intended to further, so getting to the right project isn’t a problem for me.

Hi Malcolm,

You might try the video and workflow described at https://inside.omnifocus.com/gtd which covers the most common way Inbox processing is done. It is a good overview and includes a video.

Good luck!