What is the least intrusive way to add a task with Apple Watch?

Hey, all.

I am trying to figure out the least intrusive way to add an OmniFocus task using Apple Watch. I have tried the following.

Siri integration: This worked before I upgraded to WachOS 8.0. The one beef I had was that Siri would shout back “you need to continue in OmniFocus.” Then, I would have to click the watch face to continue. That feels intrusive when I am on a walk, and I just want to quickly add tasks.

Watch complication: I added the complication to my watch face, but I have to press the button. Then press the mic button. Then talk. Then hit “done”. This seems intrusive too.

Drafts Integration: the drafts complication is a click or two less intrusive than the OmniFocus one, but I still have another step in dealing with the entires in Drafts, then putting them together in OmniFocus.

Any ideas?

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The least intrusive way is “hey Siri remind me to pick up milk” with Reminders capture enabled in OmniFocus settings. You should never be prompted to open OF when you do this. The task will show up in your inbox.


This is ABSOLUTELY EXACTLY what i was looking for. Thanks!

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But then you will not be able to share your shopping list with your spouse. Omnifocus removes the to-do’s from the Reminders list that you share…

Good call.

OF lets you pick which list to import. I import the “TODO” list. This means you can have another list like “Grocery List.” this list would remain untouched by OF.


Yes, off course! I didn’t think of that! Thank You for sharing! :-)

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I’ve found Apple’s Notes to work well with sharing the shopping list with my non-OF-using wife.

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