What is the url scheme of OF 3?

The url scheme suppose to be changed for OF 3, so, what is the new url schemes?

omnifocus:/// works the same as it did with OF2, context had been replaced with tags (which are comma separated), but that’s it as far as I know :)


How could that work with both OF 2 and OF 3 installed?

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It works! Waiting for official documents.

this does not do anything. What is the URL scheme to get everything with the tag of home?

omnifocus:///tags/Home would be the correct path if memory serves :)

I am trying that.

OmniFocus:///tags/Home opens the tags list without selecting the Home section

This format seems to work for me: omnifocus:///tag/Home

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I’ll try “tag”

That is a winner. “Tag”
Not “tags “

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