What is this? I don't get these alien type mac keyboard

Can someone please tell me what these are and how to find them… I look at keyboard but do not see the symbols that they just expect us to know. I realize this is apples goof but i thought to post here.

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⌃ = control
⌥ = option/alt
⇧ = shift
’ = closing single quote (typed using ⌘ + ⇧ + ] on US keyboard)

For more information I recommend checking out the following support document from Apple:


Hey thanks! Sry for late reply but aren’t you the omnifocus guru ?

I watched a video of you, you got sick and then there after went on to pursue a new career.

Omnizen - You’re very welcome. And that sounds like me :). I had the honour of being the focus of the Omni Group’s first Customer Stories video and went on to create a site called Learn OmniFocus.

We’re hard at work behind the scenes creating new content…and more articles and videos will be posted in the coming weeks. We’ll also be launching the Learn OmniFocus LIVE webinar series on September 29, with each webinar focused on a specific topic related to OmniFocus and productivity.

I’m very open to feedback and requests for content. I just asked that you submit these through the Learn OmniFocus Contact Form as this forum isn’t intended as a place to discuss Learn OmniFocus. Thanks!

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my original post.

My apologies for not being socially aware and posting in a place that was not appropriate. Looking forward to seeing all the new content that that’s in the works and hope to follow up with your course/website in the months ahead

all the best!

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