What is with the gratuitous whitespace?

So I recently upgraded to 5 and now I’ve got this large block of whitespace I can’t interact with at the top of any document, new or converted. If I scroll, I can scroll it out of the way, and it doesn’t seem to print, but man it is annoying. I can slap a 2x4 cross-wise in that space. Anyone have any idea what is going on there? It doesn’t matter what them I use.

Here is a shot from “create new -> journal”.

I haven’t so much as clicked in there anywhere yet. So if anyone has some suggestions on getting rid of it, I’m all eyes because this is annoying.

This is part of the Typewriter Mode feature. You can turn it off under View > Use Typewriter Mode. This is suppose to be off by default though there have been a handful of cases where it was turned on unexpectedly that we don’t have an explanation for yet.

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OMG thanks, that was definitely it. Good luck on finding the cause of that, btw. I know how hard those kinds of things are to pin down ;)

Thank you for posting this! Couldn’t figure out what was causing that white space. I think I probably turned it on myself and forgot to turn off.