What’s your OF4 wishlist

With the release of version 3.9x we can assume OF4 v4 announcement is on the way. List what you would like to see in OF4

  • For me, I would like to see Productivity reporting/ Karama (similar with Todoist)

One little thing: a fix for the bug which prevents URLs from being handled properly in the Notes field, please :-)


I used Todoist for a year Karma was addictive but ultimately pretty pointless in my opinion. Completing 20 tasks a day or whatever to maintain a “streak” does not guarantee you are more productive but it does tempt you to manipulate the system by picking small easy things when under the risk of “loosing”.your self imposed streak.

I am not sure we can assume OF4 is “imminent software often goes to point numbering

3.9.1 > etc

And Omni still have some unrealised plans for V3 like basic collaboration. It’s fun to speculate but I would not hold my breath


I’d want a way to add buttons to kick off OmniAutomation.

  1. the promised improvements for keyboard shortcuts on iPadOS
  2. the promised improvements for keyboard shortcuts on iPadOS
  3. the promised improvements for keyboard shortcuts on iPadOS
  4. the promised improvements for keyboard shortcuts on iPadOS
  5. etc etc etc…

You can add buttons (on Mac) to trigger scripts now plus you can change the icon (button) via the finder info pane

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I would like to have the option to include flagged tasks as well as the Focus tag to the Focus perspective.

I would like folders to have slightly more power, perhaps by making them more visible in project searches and the like. You can do this with perspectives, I have some subprojects that have similar names, but knowing what folder they are hosted in would make them easily distinguishable.


Thanks. I would like it for iPad OS as well. (iOS might be a little crowded with extra buttons.)

I still miss full fledged nested projects, in place of not really functional action groups


I’d quite like all the platforms to have the same V3 features before we go to 4.0.

iOS and the web are behind MacOS to varying degrees.


Trashbin. Deleting requires menu diving, or if I use the delete key too aggressively–which I do quite frequently–it’s gone forever. An “add to trash” keyboard shortcut, a trash perspective on the sidebar and “restore” would be sweet.

Ability to adjust width of sidebar and widths of columns in perspectives. Too much screen real estate going to waste while the sidebar can’t show full text of its contents because it’s too narrow. Related: Ability to wrap text of long entries

More keyboard shortcuts and more functionality on toolbar. Esp collapse all, expand all, delete. Also keyboard shortcuts for editing items. Tagging, completing, deleting, deferring. These should all be available as direct keyboard shortcuts. They’re not even in the “edit” dropdown. One has to tab thru or open the item in inspector.

Bulk tagging

Allow “icon and text” in toolbar options.


Everything OmniFocus does is heavy, and slow. It’s slow to launch, and if you try and quit it, it takes 30 seconds while it tries to sync. Switching views takes a second. Nearly everything takes 2-3 seconds. It’s just a heavy, overwrought, high-friction “enterprise feeling” app. Nothing about it feels light.

It’s industrial grade, but it feels like you’re wearing huge leather and metal boots and tromping to a rave.

So I’d like that to improve, among other things :-)


No delays at all here with 1.000 tasks, but it might of course have to do with my non-synching use of the application and with always creating links to attachments instead of embedding them in the OF database.

You might have missed the View menu option ”Show Full Item Title”.

Is the single key shortcut e helpful to you?

Agree with your other keyboard shortcut wishes, though, and wish I could produce a trashbin by magic for you…

Don’t forget 3.9+0.1=3.10, so OF could be a couple years away.

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I’ve used OF for the past 10 years and while it has gotten very good, there are a couple of things missing that kept it from being GREAT all those years:

  1. Arbitrary perspectives. There needs to be a way to slice-and-dice the data arbitrarily like in a big SQL “SELECT” statement.
  2. Manual sorting. No matter how good you are at planning, there are times where you need to sort manually so you don’t have to keep a priority list in your head. The only place that’s possible today is in Tags view, but that means you have to manually assign tags to tasks you want to sort, which doesn’t work well with repeat tasks, because
  3. There needs to be a way to “pop” off the head instance of a repeat task so I can treat it differently. Workaround today is to complete the task, then “uncomplete” it again, and remove the repetition from the “uncompleted” task. Of course, the side effect of that is that you have two completions in your database. Use case: you need to do something every day by 9a but today you know you won’t get to it until 4p. You simply want to move today’s instance to 4p.
  4. Time zones. Actual zones plus “floating”. Things I want to do at 9a, no matter where I am need “floating”. Other things need to be done by 12p GMT. or 7a ET etc.
  5. Make sure iOS and Mac versions are 100% identical. Having a button on the right in iOS but on the left on the Mac drives me nuts.

That’s it. That’s what keeps OF from being GREAT.


I hate search in OF. I have hooked up ⌘F to search everywhere (who would ever want to just “search here”?) But this still doesn’t find project titles, for that you need “Find Perspective, Folder, Project or Tag”! And I never can remember what menu that is hidden in. So I have hooked up ⌘⌥F to the latter. But why can’t I just search for things to find them quickly‽ (Yes, I have made a request, and, yes, the nice folks at Omni have responded, but they basically said, Good luck with that!)

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Being able to drag text into the Note field without having to first put the input cursor there! Such a small request, but not addressed after 18 months!

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Faster synch please. Also could we have a better handling of subtaks in the Forecast menu? Finally, I would love to see keyboard shortcuts for tagging and dating tasks

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Usable action groups or some other form of nested tasks that works on iPadOS and iOS. Without that, OF is an application that I fight and I find that I’ve been using iThoughts to do project and task planning instead of using my task manager. Right now, OmniFocus only gets used for simple list stuff because anything more complex is stupidly bad to navigate on my primary devices.

Also, pretty much all of the user interactions on iPadOS are… clumsy at best. Why doesn’t Cmd-O behave like it does on the Mac? Why do I have to use my hands to switch fields when entering tasks so much?