What's a shortcut to focus the inspector fields?

When my focus is in the list of tasks, and I want to update the defer/due date, but it’s not visible as a column in the list of tasks, how can I do this with keyboard shortcuts only? I want to jump the focus to the dates section in the inspector, edit it, and then jump back, all without the mouse.


not possible. I created a keyboard maestro macro to do exactly that but without separate tools this is not supported (yet?)

@dvcrn do you mind sharing your macro setup? I’d love to get this working.

Give this a try: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27953127/discourse.omnifocus.com/26671-inspector-macros.kmmacros

I’m still quite new with keyboardmaestro and not sure I exported it the right way.

I included these macros:

It is currently using mouse pointer movements so make sure the window+inspector is not going off the screen, otherwise it can’t target it. It opens the inspector if not open yet, so no need to worry about that.

Another limitation is that sometimes the inspector has more fields, sometimes less. For example, if you click on a folder, the “complete when completing last action” checkbox is moving the defer / due fields down so using this macro will target estimated time instead.
If you have an idea how to get rid of this, that would be cool! I tried to use accessibility targets but the text field itself doesn’t have a title to use.

Maybe with applescript we could use the “Defer Until:” text through accessibility, then move the mouse a tick right but that seems like a lot of work. Better annoy Omnigroup to implement this for us :)

“Project” also sometimes changes into “Type” but since it’s at the same position SHIFT+CMD+P will just open the dropdown menu for you.

Pushing this thread one more time. Does anyone know if it’s possible to use applescript to reliably select the inspector field?
I am looking for a reliable way to always hit the correct field, even in the case written above where mouse coordinates just can’t cut it.