What's YOUR roadmap?

Dynalist is a super product.

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I personally would like the Omni group to prioritise things other than automation. I know they have put tremendous work into that, and not to take away from those who find that a core issue, but I cannot imagine it being so to most users, who don’t have the time, energy and knowledge to take advantage of it. I would like to see much more effort put into OO, and look to some other apps like dynamist, for some inspiration of what can be done.

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Totally agree. Productivity apps are for busy people - and many of us are WAY too busy to learn how to write code. With nothing but respect and gratitude for Omni Group - a terrific company that makes excellent products - we’re looking to them to figure out how to design software that does what we need, not ask us to figure out how to do it.


I love OmniOutliner, but I have stopped using it except for outlines that will be used and then forgotten.

I need to reference my notes and writings on the Mac, iPad and sometimes iPhone. I also need to be able to search across multiple files. I wish Omni would come up with a helper app that could search within files within the iCloud OmniOutliner folder. A notebook style collection of outlines would also work for me, but that would make it a different app.

I can live without it, but a less Byzantine way of using styles would be nice.

There are lots of things I wish OmniOutliner could do, but the bottom line is that I have yet to find another industrial strength outliner that gets the outline motif right along with columns and sorting options. I continue to depend on it heavily.

I agree. Despite the seeming reluctance to extend OO’s capabilities, it is still easily the best outliner available. Lately, I have been using Hook quite a bit to link items in my outlines to relevant files, and it’s been quite helpful.

My number one wished-for feature is still the ability to filter an outline and have the results show children and parent items of the filtered results, to give them context. Ecco Pro did it 25 years ago. And OmniFocus does it now. Surely we could have it as an option in OO.

The convergence of outliners and mind mappers is the interesting phenomenon, the latter being more graphical.

While I don’t have a problem in this area, one of these two options looks attractive:

  1. Grow OmniOutliner by adding graphical stuff.
  2. Strengthen any existing synergy with eg iThoughts, MindNode, etc.