When a group action set on hold, active actions in the group should be on hold too

I think it’s not consistent. because:

  1. When a project set on hold, actions in the project are set on hold too.
  2. When a group action set defer/due dates, actions in the group are set the same defer/due dates too, if they don’t have there own.

but when a group action set on hold, actions in the group are not set on hold, if they were active before.

I’m sorry, I’m not really sure what you mean by setting a group action on hold. Action groups don’t support the same range of statuses that projects do; I don’t think you can put an action group on hold. For example, this is my current Inspector panel for a selected action group:

Could you post a screenshot or two that indicates how you’re setting an action group on hold?

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Sorry I didn’t explain how i set an action on hold. First of all, I setup a new context named “waiting” whose status is on hold. Then I set the action’s context “waiting”, and the action’s status turns “on hold”.
Is it a proper way to set an action on hold? If not, why there’s only active and completed status, not an on hold status, for an action?

Ah, I understand. That’s a perfectly fine way to put an action on hold – what I think is happening is that the inherited status from the Waiting context just doesn’t propagate down an action group the way it does in a project. Put another way: if you want all of the actions in the group to be on hold, you can assign them all to the Waiting context.

If this is troublesome for your particular workflow, we’d love to hear more about it: shoot us an email.