Where are draft files stored?

Something went wrong with a new drawing (one I hadn’t saved) and resulted in OmniGraffle hanging (spinning beachball). All I can do is Force Quit but when I reopen OmniGraffle, it finds the faulty draft and reopens it. But then it hits whatever problem it had and hangs again! So I effectively can’t open OmniGraffle unless I can stop it from committing suicide by opening the faulty draft.

I was hoping the draft was stored in a file location somewhere and if I can delete that, I can get OmniGraffle back.

Draft files are kept somewhere private by the operating system. But you can bypass reopening documents at launch by holding down Shift while opening OmniGraffle. This works for most apps.

Thanks KyleS. Unfortunately that doesn’t work for me (I’m on a Mac, is the Shift trick a Windows thing?).

Ah, but I managed to persuade it to respond to the keyboard shortcut to close all windows, which did the trick :) Phew!

Omni stuff is one of the greatest things about the Mac—no Omni-anything on Windows yet.