Where are "Share," "Make into Project" and "Move" Buttons in OF 2 for iMac?

I can easily find them on my iPhone (at the bottom of each task’s info page) and iPad (at the top of the page when viewing each task) but, after searching through every possible nook and cranny of the iMac version of OF, I cannot find where to share a task with another person by email, where to move a task so that it is beneath another task in an action list, or where to turn a task into a project.

Are these tools just not available in the iMac version? It would be strange for the desktop version to be less feature-rich than the iOS versions, but I guess it’s possible.

Thanks for any help!


I usually just drag a task from the main outline into the projects list to convert a task into a project.

I also drag a project in the project list to another folder or up and down the list. I can also move a task to another project by using the inspector (the righthand pane) to change the Project.

I think sharing is not as fully fleshed out on the Mac app.

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I am in great need of being able to share an action/task through email and am unable to find a solution. I don’t think its offered but I heard somehow that an apple script (of which I know nothing about ) is capable of doing so