Where are the best places to learn AppleScript?

I want to learn the most recent nuts and bolts of AppleScript, and I’m wondering if anyone would recommend a site, a book, or a combination of the two? I want to practice it to make scripts for OF and OO.

I think Lynda.com has a lot of Applescript tutorials on their web site. Get a two week trial and eat to your heart’s content. Or sign up on a monthly basis and you’ll discover a wide range of other tutorials.

Otherwise, you can start here:


I think what most folks say is to just take apart someone else’s script to see how it works.

The Mac OSxautomation site as suggested above. There is only one tutorial on Lynda for AppleScript. It is quite basic.

Then there is AppleScript 1-2-3 by Sal Soghoian, which is an older but a huge and extremely popular book. You can also find some videos by Sal on YouTube.

The problem I ran into with AppleScript was that many interesting scripts I got from Internet or some things I wanted to do required Unix commands, which you can run in AppleScript. So I decided until I learn Unix or Javascript, I’d put AppleScript on hold. Yosemite added Javascript ability to AppleScript, and the app is just called Scripts now.

You can get Lynda trial and watch the AppleScript tutorial. AppleScript 1-2-3 is on creativeedge.com along with a few more AppleScript books and there is a trial for that as well. For the recently added javascript functions there’s documentation by Apple here on the Apple site and an overview guide here on Macstories.

I learned exclusively from this book and it was excellent.

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Hello Guys here is best learn apple script

Given the date (Aug 2016) the best place to start may be here:

There’s nothing wrong with AppleScript, but if you are starting now, it may be a better investment of your time to start learning JavaScript for Automation.

JavaScript has various uses across all platforms, not least least on iOS, and my impression is that Omni may be generally moving towards using cross-platform (MacOS + iOS) JS scripting – which can’t be done with AppleScript.

See Ken Case’s comments here on OmniGraffle, for example:

Apple Forum is best you can learn there script, java many more things!!

you can learn from here

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