Where are themes stored on the Mac? I'm trying to create a Hazel rule that switches from light to dark themes automatically, but need to know what folder to watch

I’m trying to replicate what user blogatica did here:


I’m not sure which folder I need to have Hazel watch. Ideally, I’d also be able to switch to custom themes as well, are they stored in the same folder that the default themes are stored?

I found out how to do it. I have Hazel watch folder: com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2

Then, using blogatica’s script, I swap out “builtin:theme name” for “custom:theme name” to automatically switch to a custom theme.

@boddicker Sorry for the delay! I was going to mention OF’s folder! ;)

Yep, it worked. Thanks! I created a Keyboard Maestro macro that automatically switches to flux’s Darkroom mode at a certain time. So I only have your Hazel rule activated when that’s not activated (since Darkroom mode sort of turns all light themes into dark themes and all dark themes into red themes).