Where can I see a list of OF feature requests?

I understand that I have to email support@omnigroup.com for a “vote” towards my feature request. But, how would I know the name of my feature request in Omni’s list?

For example, I recently email to vote for the “Group by Selected Tags” feature. But before I had no idea that that was what my specific feature was called.

So is there a list of other feature requests somewhere I can look at? Perhaps I would like to vote on more of them.

Most software companies don’t publish such lists.

Pragmatically your best bet at influence is to join the TestFlight and the Slack discussions around it. This has worked pretty well for me.

Behind the scenes they are translating our vague, user-oriented feature requests into consistent internal names that may have technical descriptions and refer to internals that aren’t appropriate to share publicly.

I wouldn’t worry that your requests are being misunderstood or not being counted because you didn’t say the right phrase.

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