Where do "dropped" projects go?

I have a number of projects from last year that are essentially on “permanent hold” for the foreseeable future. They’re not going to be completed any time in the next 2-3 years, and I don’t want my list cluttered up with “completed” or “on-hold” projects, but I need to retain a record of the activities so that I can re-activate them if necessary. I don’t see an “archive” function, so where do “dropped” projects go? Can I recall a “dropped” project back to active status?

Projects stay in your synced database until you use the Archive function on Mac, which will move projects which were dropped or completed before a date of your choice to the local archive file.

In your situation I would put your projects on hold and move them under a ‘Someday’ folder so that they are out of sight. This also allows you to exclude the folder from custom perspectives which show remaining items.

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