Where do I set up keyboard shortcuts for Clippings?

I’m unable to find where are settings for Clippings. The only thing I can see about it is “Clipping shortcut” in General Preferences. And when I click on it System Preferences opens with Keyboard Shortcuts open. But I cannot see there anything about OmniFocus or Clippings…

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I had the same question - click “Services” in the left panel, then scroll down to “Omnifocus: Send to Inbox”. For me, the old one was still there, and checked, and there should be a second one there as well, unchecked. Check the second one and (optionally) uncheck the first. Give the second one a shortcut keystroke and you’re good.


Thanks so much, Stevebob! I was wondering about this too, having forgotten that Clippings was an OS X Service. Appreciate you showing us the way.

Yes, thanks @stevebob!

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Hmmm…have unticked OF1 and created the same shortcut for clippings for OF2…but its still not showing up in preferences and I get the beep when I try to use it. Anyone got any thoughts?

I realize this sounds like lazy troubleshooting, but I am actually serious when I say that rebooting (or simply logging out and back in) might help this work.

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@stevebob thx, try my best to learn of3