Where does a deleted item go? iOs or Mac


Maybe just use command-x to cut a task out ?


It could be anything. But my desire is that the delete key itself doesn’t delete a task but the delete key itself can delete symbols or words inside the task or note field, just like in any other word editor. So my goal is to keep all the functionality, except then deleting a task with the delete key.

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Putting in a +1 for this. Can’t let these threads die. It’s inconceivable how an app as powerful as OF has been lacking the most basic functionality for years.


thank you very much. I just can hope more people, who care about security in OF, can join and write the support an email.


Also +1 from me!


It’s probably already been mentioned in the thread, but whilst posting ‘+1’ here is fine, but it’s not an effective way to make feature requests. Get in contact via an official support channel (email; omnifocus@omnigroup.com) to make certain it’s received and logged.


nostodnayr is right. I hope you can also send OF an Email. What they mostly look at is how many people wrote to them about this request over which period of time.

Ken wrote something about this! :) Where does a deleted item go? iOs or Mac