Where is Creation date?

Am I blind, or is it correct that I can’t see an actions Creation Date in OF for iOS?

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That’s correct - creation, completion, and modified dates aren’t exposed in the UI (yet). There has been talk about potentially doing so, so emailing support is the best way to upvote that as a feature.

The dates are stored though, as you can use them for sort criteria.




I know I am late to the party here, but it is a feature I submitted a request for. For me it was benefical to see when I create the task to track the time gap in between (ex: I sent an email to a co-worker and wanted to see how long it has been since I created the “Waiting for” task).

Hopefully they implement it soon.


I‘m using the App Text Expander to add e.g. „/Fri 13.07.18 „ with two taps. I append it to any action where it‘s helpful to remember the creation date.
Typically I append that with a one-word note of action expected.
When I reminded the recipient, I add another date plus one word: reminded.

Also helps me in action and project notes, so itÖs not only a workaround. I described my whole universe (how I handle GTD with OF) in another thread.

For whatever it‘s worth, I handed in a feature request as well, months ago.

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