Where is the calendar?

Hi Folks, this is just a simple open and i’m probably being stupid, but in OF2, is there a way to show a calendar view when adding a “Due Date” in a project? This was automatic in OF1 but it is a rail pain in the a** that it is no longer available (from what I can see anyway).
It was handy before where i could click on due date and it would show the calendar so I could chose the correct day without having to look it up beforehand. This may sound petty but it really is a pain!!
Any help???

Does clicking the little calendar icon in the sidebar under the dates disclosure triangle not do the trick for you?

Sorry, screen grabs not working for some reason.

EDIT: Of course, I should have written “Inspector,” not “Sidebar.” Sorry!

Hi TheWart
thanks fork the reply, I don’t have a calendar icon in the sidebar, just the following in this order

I have attached a screen grab to show you, hope this makes sense??


There is a calendar in the Inspector.

If you would like to see this feature brought back to the content outline, please send your request to omnifocus@omnigroup.com.

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While the calendar popup can be useful in some circumstances, I generally find it most efficient to type into the date field. OmniFocus is very flexible in the inputs it accepts. For example, “Fri” will translate to Friday’s date, “3d” will calculate the date three days from now, “Fri 1w” will insert the date that is one week from Friday and “28” will insert the 28th day of the current month (e.g. September 28).