Where is the changelog for OmniFocus mac?

Searched https://www.omnigroup.com/omnifocus/ but could not find a changelog for OmniFocus mac. Does a changelog exist and if yes, where can I find it?

It does exist.

Thanks. Here is the URL for others who are looking for the changelog:

@Lars can you kindly share if the changelog is linked on the OmniFocus website, because I was unable to find a link.

I haven’t found one, but they are linked from within the app (as per the manual, which in turn does explain that you can access them that way).

Also, you have linked the general OmniFocus release notes, not the OmniFocus for Mac release notes.

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Thanks, that is helpful. My link goes to the changelog for all things OmniFocus (web, macOS, iOS). It’s good you shared the dedicated macOS changelog as well.

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