Where is the shortcut list?

i could not find it in the Help documentation

There is a link on the home page of the documentation:

Yes I know about that link. But it is not what I call a “shortcuts list”
It should be a table.
Besides: look att Indent and Outdent
The Shortcut is Tab and Shift Tab, but the Help documentation says
Indent (Command–])
Outdent (Command–[)

Tab and Shift-Tab are only shortcuts for Indent and Outdent if you have chosen that preference in Preferences > Keyboard. The menu items always have the Command-] and Command-[ shortcuts, regardless of preference.

Cannot do the trick on my keyboard (mini keyboard)
Besides, I do not understand why it would be an advantage to learn different shortcuts for the same command

By the way, this screeshot shows that you have responded. But I see no reply !

Is this an Apple-made keyboard? When choosing shortcut keys, we tend to consider the stock Apple keyboard layouts for various languages. There are just far too many alternative keyboard layouts out there (including ones that some of us use internally!) to make everyone happy with keyboard shortcuts.

If a shortcut we’ve chosen is impossible for you to invoke, one option is to remap that shortcut in System Preferences.

The preference for whether Tab should indent or move to the next cell exists to address the needs of two broad groups of OmniOutliner users: those who treat OmniOutliner more like a spreadsheet (who use multiple columns and expect Tab to move to the next cell) and those who treat OmniOutliner more like a word processor (who might only ever use one column and expect Tab to indent their newly-created rows just like it does in Word or Pages).

Basically: thirty years of muscle memory has taught pretty much every computer user that Tab is supposed to do something, so it really ought to do something useful in OmniOutliner as well. Opinion is divided about what, so we let the user choose.

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