Where's the Review function in OF2-iPhone? [A: open feature request.]

Am I blind or is there no Review function in OF2 for iPhone?


Thanks for posting! We’ve got an open feature request on bringing Review to the iPhone app, but you’re not blind; it’s not currently there. At the time of this writing, there are other requests that have more customers attached, but I’ll add a note to that item in the development database so the rest of the team will know you’re one of the folks that would like to see that added.

(Future visitors to this thread - we try to capture feedback left on the forums when we’re able to do so, but the most reliable way to ensure that your request is captured is to email it to omnifocus-iphone@omnigroup.com.)

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Is it possible to have a look at the list with requests?

It’s one of the things we’ve discussed from time to time, but it would be a lot of work. Thus far, the better move has seemed to be spending that time and effort working on the things that people are asking for instead.

Well I have sent my feature request for this yesterday, but I don’t consider this a feature request in the sense of “please consider adding this or that feature that we users find useful, it could make OmniFocus better ”. The “review” is an essential component, it’s present on the Mac- and iPad edition. On the iPhone it simply seems to have been “forgotten” to add. (I beg your pardon.)

I don’t see, why per as is now I shouldn’t be able to do basic maintenance in OmniFocus on my iPhone.


What could be more important than adding Review to OmniFocus for iPhone? I hope it happens. This is a big addition for this great product!

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Oh, sorry for the confusion I caused! My post was actually a response to the one from @falcrob, asking if the feature request list was visible to the public. :-)

I understand that review was intentionally left out on the iphone versions because it made more sense with the bigger screen on the ipad versions, but this isn’t the case anymore. we have 4.7 and 5.5 inch screens now and I look forward to seeing what kinds of updates that will be made to fully utilized this, including the review mode :)

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