Which VPN for the Mac?

I wonder which VPN you use?
I run 2 MacOS and 2 iOS devices with Freedome but wonder if there are better options?
I tried Tunnelbear but the download speed was a disaster, I also tried NordVPN but I do not like their pushing “advertisement” on their homepage(s) (also problems with the support).
I read some tests, but sometimes I have also the feeling that some articles are paid and not neutral. Difficult …
Thanks and a :-),

I’ve used Private Internet Access for a couple of years. It’s been reliable and speeds are pretty good. NordVPN is my backup.

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+1 for Private Internet Access as well. Use it both on iOS and MacOS.

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@Nick & @PowerSchill: Thanks guys, will have a look at it!

I dont understand the need for it?

Mainly to cloak and encrypt the data I send/receive, making the online activity completely illegible to any eavesdroppers. And to “manipulate” my IP address, making me appear to come from a different machine/location/country.
Sometimes I use public WiFi e.g. in a Cafe or a train - and then I am happy to use a VPN.

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In my case, it’s because I have confidential client data on a server at my home office which I access on the road. While the software (Omnifocus, Devonthink) encrypts the data, it makes sense for me to guard against the risks of open wifi networks.


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