Why are my versions incompatible?

iPad Pro 12.9” running iOS 10.3.2, OmniGraffle 2.8.2.

MacBook Pro retina 2015 running MacOS 10.12.5, OmniGraffle 7.3.1 downloaded and activated as the Trial Version (although in the About panel it says “OmniGraffle Pro Upgrade is installed. Thanks!”).

This happens on all documents, even a simple test document created from scratch just now (one box, red) on the iPad, synced to MacBook Pro using OmniPresence, and now I want to reopen the document on my iPad, and I get this message:

“Some features of this document are unavailable on this device. This document was created with a newer version of OmniGraffle than the one you are using. Parts of this document may not be displayed correctly, and if you save fro this version of OmniGraffle you may lose those features of this document that only work in newer versions. Continue Anyway[?]/Cancel.”

I am running the latest OS on both devices and the latest available version of OmniGraffle on both devices. Why am I getting this error message every time I reopen a document on my iPad?

I’ve already emailed support. I’m posting in the forums because it’s a holiday today and as a consequence I know they are unlikely to respond until Wednesday or Thursday and I want to continue working on a much more important document than the test document referenced above.

Thanks for any info.

You can safely continue working past the alert by choosing “Continue Anyway”. This warning message will show if you made an edit and saved that document in a newer version. The purpose of the warning is to inform you in case a newer feature was used that isn’t supported in the version you are currently using, that unsupported items will drop out. One example is, if you used Artboards in OmniGraffle 7, then opened the document in a version that didn’t have Artboards, they would drop out. This warning is expected for any document you saved in a newer version, but only results in a functional difference when you use features that did not exist in the past. The reason OmniGraffle will warn but allow you to continue, is that we support everything the current version understands to maintain as much compatibility as possible between versions with your documents. It is a warning you that can choose to treat as informational only in your case.



I have the same problem :(

This is the expected behavior, currently, if you have opened the document in a version that is newer. It is warning you that if you used newer features some of those features may drop out. The main things that have changed in OmniGraffle are listed at https://www.omnigroup.com/blog/meet-omnigraffle-7 which may help you know what to check for in a document before editing in an earlier version. The bigger the delta between versions, the higher the risk of changes, but this will depend on your workflow.

We have had some requests to list exactly what the differences are between the versions in the future, and if you would like to add your voice to that request or suggest another way to address this situation, please drop us an email at omnigraffle@omnigroup.com so that we can make sure your ideas are tracked for the team. Anyone else who would like to see changes in this area, we would love to hear from you as well by email to be sure it is recorded correctly.