Why can't you tag items in the inbox?

When I assign tags to items in the Inbox, OF moves those items out of the Inbox into a new project called Miscellaneous.

  1. Why?
  2. Is there a way to make it stop doing that? I’d like to leave them in the Inbox.

This behavior is in OmniFocus 3.4.6 on macOS.

In OmniFocus > Preferences > Organization Preferences you’ll find a “Clean up inbox items which have” setting.

In your case, it sounds like it’s set to either “A Tag” or “Either a Project or a Tag”. Since actions can only live in either the inbox or a project, they’re moved to the “Miscellaneous” single action list if no project is specified.

If you want actions to stay in the inbox until you assign a project, choose “A Project”. And if you want to enforce adding both a project and tag on all actions before they leave the inbox (my personal preference), choose “Both a Project and a Tag”.

It’s worth noting that this setting syncs across all of your devices. So, for example, if you apply this setting on your Mac it will also take effect on your iPad.

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Indeed, I had this setting set to “both a project and a tag”. Switching to “a project” makes it behave less frustratingly. Can’t remember why I set it to “both a project and a tag” – been using OF for literally years and I guess I forgot all about this setting.

Anyway, thanks!

You’re welcome, @StrawberriePie.

It sounds like you actually had it set to “Either a Project or a Tag”. By design, this setting would cause the action to end up in “Miscellaneous” if you specified a tag, but not project. By setting it to “A Project” you’re making the tag field optional.