Why did I want to read that? [Managing reading lists in OmniFocus]

It seems like I am always getting myself into situations where I’ve reserved a library book or collected a reading to read later and never. remember. why. I wanted to read it. Lately, I’ve been collecting these reasons in OF task notes.

Here’s an example of using quick capture while reading:

And here’s an example of my “Library Books” project, where I’ve made notes of why I requested books so that when they come in, I know what to do with them:

Because I manage my reading in OF, this is the perfect place to capture such details. I’m also using task notes to remind myself where the reading is, link to PDFs of and any notes or concept maps I’ve made in DevonThink or Tinderbox, and to remind myself where I’ve left off or which chapters I chose to read, etc:


I do something similar - but tag by library and put the actual task in the appropriate project. Perhaps having a Library Books project is not the best approach? I can often recall why I planned to read something from the project context in which it’s embedded.

I use these scripts in BibDesk:

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I suppose another option would be to add books to e.g. “Research” and “Leisure Reading” projects, then tag all those actions “Library Books”.

With all the flexibility offered by tags in OmniFocus 3, I sometimes wonder whether single-action projects are really the best way to organize tasks like these…

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