Why do I need clip-o-tron?

Can someone explain why I should install clip-o-tron? I am a new user to OF and it seems to be just using the clipping shortcut accomplishes the same thing. I highlight text in an email body (or select all) and invoke the clipping shortcut. What I get is a new task with the selected content and a link back to the original email message. What functionality does clip-o-tron add that I’m not already getting?


One difference is the Clip-o-Tron works at the whole message level - you select the email, or thread of emails, in the left hand messages pane and the resultant clipping will include links to each message within the entire email chain, not just the one email you’ve clipped text from.

So, e.g you’re action could be ‘read all the emails in this conversation’ rather than ‘act on this specific point from just this one email’

Whether or not that’s applicable to your workflow is down to you.

PS. Prior to the latest release it would also clip the entire email into the Notes field. It now clips only the first ‘X’ number of words, I think. I forget how many but it’ll be in the release notes for OmniFocus 2.1

if you highlight the message title, then the email subject is entered as the title of the task. and the note field contains a link back to the email.

if you select text in the body of the email - or the whole body - that will be transferred to the notes field of the task, after the link back to the email.

To answer your question out of a different angle: you. Don’t. Need. It. But if You think that it would facilitate an otherwise awkward copy/paste issue, look at the two prior responses.

Me personally am totally happy with copying what I need manually into the notes field- I am used to this and way faster than otherwise. Especially since I am not only using Mail.app for emails.