Why do start or due dates apply to all actions in an action group?

I have some sequential action groups that contain actions that need to be done one after the other. I’d like to set a start date (or due date) on the action group, but why does that date then propagate to every action in the group? I could perhaps understand it if it was parallel but not for sequential.

Shouldn’t the start date apply only to the first in the group and the due date to the last in the group?

If a start date is used and the first action is marked as completed, should OF automatically set the start date for the next sequential action?

Just wondering…

Sorry for the confusion! In general, anything applied to a parent row in OmniFocus is assumed to apply to everything that row contains. (Regardless of whether that container is sequential or parallel.)

If a project or action group must be done before a given date, it would seem to follow that every action inside must also be completed by then. Similar logic with start dates.

Side note: when a given row or a container row have conflicting dates set, OmniFocus resolves that conflict in favor of the earlier one, regardless of where that earlier date is set.

That all said, if you walk through an example or two of situations where the way you’d like to handle it would be beneficial, happy to help and/or write up a feature request!