Why do we have to pay for upgrades to OmniFocus?

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I would love to pay them.

What are the alternatives? Having ads all over the app? An even longer wait for bugs to be fixed?
OmniGroup is a commercial company, the people that work there need to make money to be able to eat and sleep!

This software is not some side-project created by some software developers on their day off as a hobby, it is their main job. For me: it would sound really stupid if they never charge their existing customers again for upgrades. That would mean they practically would be working for nothing.

If you don’t want to pay, try to search for some open-source solution on the web…


You pay for the features that exist when you buy the app. Like those? Pay for the app. It won’t go away, you’ll keep being able to use the features you paid for.

Things that don’t exist when you buy the app? Assume they won’t be free. Don’t factor those into your decision about whether to purchase or not.

To answer your question about version 3, yes, we almost certainly will have to pay again… IF we want to upgrade. There’s always the option of keeping using the old version. There’s a bunch of folks still on OmniFocus 1, because version 2 doesn’t meet their needs, for example.

Regarding “the company pays an innordiante amount of money to keep its app at the forefront of the app store”, that’s not possible. You can’t pay for app store rankings. Omni apps are featured because someone at Apple thinks they’re worthy of being featured. Developers can’t request it.


OmniFocus and OmniOutliner are worth every penny as far as I am concerned. I have used them and their upgrades on both OS and iOS since 2006 The expenditure is more than justified by the increased fruitfulness I have seen in my work.

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Whats that you already paid for 3 of our apps? No this is totally different, so you pay me $$$ and you can the Universal experience and well bundle it up. You know… top you off friend. [/quote]
There’s a definite misconception here that I think needs to be corrected. While I’ll admit the whole “Universal” update issue is needlessly confusing, I think we can blame the way the App Store works for that more than Omni. In fact, I’m kind of happy they’ve found a way to get around that.

As I understand the posts from @kcase (who can jump in and correct me if I’m wrong), if you’ve already “paid for 3 of our apps” you’ll get the universal update for free. You won’t need to buy any bundles, you won’t need to buy any additional apps.

What is happening is the iPad app is becoming the Universal app. It will run on the iPhone. If you’ve bought the iPad app, you’re basically getting a free upgrade that will work on your iPhone as well.

On the other hand, the iPhone app will remain pretty much ‘as-is’. It wasn’t as advanced as the iPad app – no support for building perspectives, review mode, etc., so it’s a somewhat logical course of action that users would need to “upgrade” to get the additional functionality. You can argue that Omni should have provided a free upgrade to the iPhone app, but I don’t think that’s reasonable if for no other reason than pure fairness to the users who already paid more for the extra features in the iPad app.

Now, since the new, ‘Universal’ app is going to sell for $40, and the App Store doesn’t allow “upgrade” pricing (blame Apple for that one, again), Omni has found a clever workaround by creating a bundle. This ‘bundle’ is strictly App Store trickery when it comes right down to it, basically allowing Omni to provide an “upgrade price” for existing users of the iPhone app because they’ve already bought one of the apps in the bundle.

So, basically – as I understand it – there will be an “OmniFocus Bundle” on the App Store. This will include “OmniFocus for iPhone” and “OmniFocus Universal (formerly OF for iPad).” No new users will ever want to buy this bundle – it will be there exclusively so that those who already bought “OmniFocus for iPhone” can use Apple’s “Complete my Bundle” feature to only pay the pro-rated price for the app you don’t already have. The bundle pricing will be setup in such a way that anybody who already owns the iPhone app will get the new, Universal app, for only $20. Basically, an “upgrade” price.

Plus, if you purchased the iPad app and the “Pro” in-app upgrade, that will continue to work, since you’re really just getting an update to the iPad app that runs on the iPhone as well.

So the only people who will need to shell out any money at all to Omni are those who haven’t already purchased the iPad app. If you have the iPad app already, you get a free, universal update at no cost to you. If you only have the iPhone app, you pay $20 to ‘upgrade’ to the universal version by ‘completing the bundle’ that includes that app. If you have neither iOS app, you pay $40 for the new, universal app that runs on both the iPhone and the iPad. Which, by the way, is $10 less than Omni was charging before for the iPhone app ($20) and iPad app ($30) together.

In fact, Omni is going even one step further – something they really don’t have to do at all – and offering anybody who already bought both the iPhone and iPad apps to e-mail them and get a $10 refund. This means that folks like me who bought both apps already, actually paid $50 – $10 more than what the new, universal app will sell for. So, in an effort to be fair, and reward their loyal customers, Omni will actually give a $10 rebate so that we end up paying the same as those who go out and buy the Universal app when it’s released.

So you can’t tell me that a company that is offering customers $10 back for existing software purchases, when it clearly has no obligation to do so, is only interested in collecting “$$$” and gouging their customers.


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