Why do you set your 'Agenda' context as active?

I’m new to omnifocus and have been consuming a lot of learning material. I’ve noticed that most people configure their agenda context as active rather than ‘on hold’. I don’t understand the logic since these are actions that i’m waiting to discuss with someone when I next meet them and therefor don’t want to see them every day. When I do see the person I click on their context under the agenda context and I can see the items to discuss.

What am I missing?

In my case, Waiting context (for actions I’m waiting on someone else) is set to On-Hold whereas my Collaborate context (for Agendas, actions for myself to do with other people) is set to Active.
I don’t ser them every day because I’’ using custom perspectives (feature in OmniFocus Pro).
Hope this helps.

I use a top level Waiting context. At sub-levels, it has the names of the folks that have the action. None of the tasks that get these contexts have flags or due dates. Therefore, they do not appear in my Forecast view. These tasks are active, not on hold. Therefore, they may (and do) appear in some of the other Perspectives. For this reason, I make specific Perspectives to filter them out or show them exclusively.

In what Perspective are you “seeing them every day”? Perhaps you need to reconsider and change your Perspective to avoid them rather than changing the status of their context to hide them.