Why does OF 2.5.2 always try to sign in to iTunes?

I am constantly getting a Sign in to iTunes store message when I bring up OF on my iPhone. I can cancel and see stuff. I can’t break out to go pull up my password handler to copy the password and it’s far too long to remember or type in.

2 main questions:

Why does OF want to sign in in the first place?

If I decide i do want to sign in why can’t I go run something else like 1Password and return to that screen like I can in all other programs I am using that have passwords?

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience! This is fairly unusual behavior for OmniFocus on iOS. Can I ask how you installed OmniFocus to your iPhone? (Is there a chance you installed it by dragging from iTunes, as opposed to downloading from the App Store?)

I am sure I installed via iTunes not the app store. I did not drag it though. I select what apps to install by hand by scrolling down the list of apps and then selecting whether ti install or update after I have downloaded all updates I want to get from within iTunes. I do not use automatic installers or updaters.

I understand! In that case, I believe the likely cause of the prompt is OmniFocus attempting to get an app store receipt from the iOS App Store. OmniFocus uses this receipt to check whether certain features are available in the app.

If you sign in once while connected to the Internet, OmniFocus should stop prompting for access. If it doesn’t, or you encounter any other problems along the way, please email our support team and they’ll be sure to get this straightened out!

Is there any way to get access to my 1Password file while leaving that open? Standard stuff like trying to go to another app doesn’t work.

Unfortunately, since the Apple ID sign-in is a system operation, OmniFocus can’t override it to let you go to 1Password. You might consider copying your password out of 1Password first, then launching OmniFocus to trigger the prompt; the password should remain on your clipboard, so you can paste it into the password field.


OK, thanks I didn’t even think of that

I am also facing the same issue. My iTunes is asking for iTunes verification failed. This is happening after installing the updated version.