Why does sync on multiple devices give different Inbox results?

Recently returned to OmniFocus 2 (OF2) again after been using 2Do and Daylite for a couple of years. The OmniFocus 2 has many great things now compared to v1.5, but the syncing don’t seem to be up to par yet or have I’ve just missed some new OF2 settings maybe?

The problem:
Though I have the same number of items in my Inbox on all 3 devices after sync, I get three DIFFERENT list results?! Meaning all items are there in the Inbox, but shown in different orders (sorting) / device!

Is this maybe a known sync issue or is it just some preferences I missed?

Done this:

  1. Started w my Mac w all my tasks imported from previous OF1.5.
  2. Synced it to Omnifocus Sync server.
  3. Started OF2 on iPhone + synced it.
  4. Started OF2 on iPad + synced it.
  5. Been organizing stuff on several of the devices, but never at the same time.
  6. Manually synced after every OF2 “session”, to make sure it synced.

A. Discovered after a few days that the list are presented in different order on the different devices.
B. Checked my View settings on all devices = “Remaining”. OK
C. Still same problem.

OF2 Mac (2.0.4 (v87.19 r222363)) + OF2 iPhone (v2.4.3) + OF2 iPad (v2.0.2)

Please advice asap. Any advice, suggestions or tips would be great. Thank’s!

Now I’ve also discovered that some items (Tasks + Projects) content of Note is not synced correctly!

Some notes I’m 100% sure of changing on the OF2 iPad does not appear in the OF2 Mac or OF2 iPhone.

Known issue or what’s up?

Really?! No one has any input on this issue (potential bug)?
Maybe I’m doing some newbee mistake? Or maybe this something that belong in a support ticket to OF? If so, please let me know.

Otherwise I’m looking forward to some input on this issue.