Why I bought a license for OmniOutliner Pro

Hi all.

I’m a refugee from Circus Ponies’ NoteBook. I looked at OmniOutliner (and many other programs) as a potential replacement. I ended up buying a license for OmniOutliner Pro.

I had a lot of questions. I did a lot of testing. I found compromises. OO is not perfect, but then, is there a perfect program? NoteBook was truly unique.

Above all, I received help from you guys, in the forum. That’s one reason I decided to go with OO. Thank you.

Secondly, I had to submit a few questions to the Support Humans. The responses were quick and accurate. And interested. I mean that Christina, Priscilla, Aaron K, Orion, Aaron C., Paul, April R. all seemed genuinely interested in my question/problem/bug. These people know the meaning of the word “support”. And that was another reason to go with OO.

Twice I asked for an extension of the trial period because my testing was not finished; twice my request was granted, graciously.

‘Nough said.