Why is /container/omni.Omnifocus2 250 GB?

My Omnifocus2 container directory takes up 250 GB. Any ideas why?

Do you have a lot of file attachments that you dropped into OmniFocus? Those will take up a lot of space. An easy way to determine that is to select Windows > Attachment list

I have 0 attachments.

Mine is 85,7 MB (not GB) and most are backups.

How did you determine the size of your container? Mine hast about 444MB with 320MB being Backups. I still consider that a lot, since the omnifocus document is only about 96k when exported from OF2.

this is highly improbable- I guess that this either is a serious bug or You mistook MB for GB- the usual db size is far less than 500MB, we’re talking 500x bigger in Your case… Please reconfirm the size, and check in the folder which files are responsible for it.