Why is today widget not a perspective?

The Today widgets on the Mac and iOS are really handy; it would be wonderful if they were a perspective. In fact you can show a perspective in Today, but Today (in the preferences pane) has options you can’t set (as far as I can tell) in a Perspective, e.g. Overdue.

Is there a good reason for this? Else I’ll submit it as a feature request.

(What I really want is a little dashboard of “what do I need to worry about today” which Forecast almost is, but falls short).

In OF Pro Today is a Perspective which can be customized.

Are you sure? I don’t see this in my Perspectives table (Perspectives>Show Perspectives Macos; Home/OTHER PERSPECTIVES>SHOW). I do see the opposite: I can make Today display an arbitrary perspective. I recently reset my db and settings (had old cruft from the OF1 days and decided to make a clean break) so have what is specific to OFP3.

Which emphasizes the point I was making: as far as I can tell you cannot make a perspective with the perspective editor that is as powerful as what the Today preferences support!


I’m sorry, gumby; I must have built (or borrowed) a Today perspective…

I attach a grab of mine.

You can edit/customize the Perspectives with help here.

Have you tried creating a new one and then setting its parameters.

My apologies for misleading you :-) !

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