Will OO Pro 5.0 Work in "Essentials mode"?

If I purchase OO5 Pro, can I toggle its operation to work in Essentials mode (as is available in the Trail version)? I ask because I like the simplicity of Essentials, and it provides the functionality I need for 99% of what I do. But every so often I may want to use Pro for an outline with more than the basics so I’d like to have Pro, but use it in Essentials mode for most of the time. If not, if I purchased both Pro and Essentials, is there any problem with them co-existing in the same system? For example, if I create a file A using Essentials and file B with Pro, when I later double-click on them, will they activate the correspondingly right version of OO?

I just purchased OO5 Pro and there is no toggle like in the trial. What exactly is shown in the Pro toggle that you want to keep out of the way for the 99%?

I would send your question direct to Omni through the feedback option via Help>Contact Omni in-app.

I ask because ALMOST everything I need for my everyday use is provided by Essentials mode - I use no special styles, I simply maintain an outline. Having said this, every once in a while I do create an outline where I want to use special styles, or I may want the ability to create templates, etc. Consequently, I would be willing to buy OO5 Pro, but if I could operate it without all the extras that appear in all the drop-down menus, that would be nice. It’s not a big deal, but as the trial version has the toggle, which worked perfectly for my needs, I was wondering whether the actual version had such a toggle.

I had Essentials originally because I liked the interface for most situations, but found I needed Pro and upgraded. As far as I can tell, there’s not an option yet to work in the Essentials version. I agree, though, that it would be nice to have a toggle.