Will Perspectives include saving expand/collapse states?

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i think this is a new topic

@kened - you’re correct. I PM’ed @Robertgao and encouraged him to ask his question in a new thread rather than as an off-topic post in this one.

And what’s the response? I went looking for this capability today and didn’t find it. Will we be abel to save expand/collapse state with perspectives or is that off the list for OF2 Release?

Yep, this is an issue I’m VERY interested in. These expand/collapse states MUST be saved and persistent within a perspective. They just gotta be.


i agree here - every time i change views (contexts to projects or vice-versa) all my folders and/or contexts trees expand - very annoying to say the least. I’m hitting cntrl-command-0 every 2 minutes.


I’d love to hear from OmniFocus on this issue. And maybe they commented on it on another thread I’ve missed. “Persistent” expansion/contraction states for projects and contexts as we switch from perspective to perspective is obviously very important to a number of people. I’m hoping to hear that this is planned for a future beta release.


still no feedback on this important issue, which is kind of a bummer.

The behavior has changed, but it’s not what it needs to be. Switching from a context-based perspective to another one and then back would always expand all sub-contexts. Now they all stay collapsed. Doesn’t seem like it should be that much of a big deal to have it do what it did in OF1, just remember the project or context expansion state of a perspective and then make that persistent.

But I like what we have now (hide all) better than what we had before (show all).

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