Wish 2.1 Today extension had more options

Just upgraded to OF2.1 and was excited to see support for Today extensions, but when I enable it it’s empty. What am I missing? I have items in my inbox, some flagged, some overdue, etc…

Just got this from support:

Sorry for the confusion here. The “Today” widget matches the content that appears in the Today section of the Forecast, so it’ll only show tasks that are due today. In other words, items that are overdue by a few days or flagged will not appear in this widget. There is however an open feature request to add a way to specify a different perspective to appear in the widget like Overdue or Flagged, so I’ve let the rest of the team know you’d like to see this as well.

Hopefully this will be fixed soon, I’d love to be able to specify my own perspective.


Yeah, I think this is a common request. For a lot of workflows, the extension isn’t that helpful yet.

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Agreed, being able to set it to a specific perspective would be the best. Failing that, sequential actions should not appear until they are available. That’s the biggest issue I have with the default view.