Wish: Hiding tags from item lists on iOS to reduce clutter

i find the ios app almost unusable… i use a lot of tags to slice things up by priority, effort, area of focus, person, time of day - and viewing all those tags in any view of the IOS app is just horrible. Let me customize what i see in my perspectives! I know there’s more options now than ever - and on the mac app i can turn off all that cruft… but the ios app still doesn’t let me turn it off.


The clutter of tags in iOS as mentioned above is truly bad design. And Im surprised it hasn’t been fixed yet.
And the fact you cannot collapse group actions in iOS either. So you just have reels and reels of screen to scroll down if you have many group lists is just really bad design. And they are not big fixes. Crazy


+1 to the complaints about the iOS version. I also find it unusable. I would love if we had something like what 2do has, which basically lets you “pinch-to-zoom”, where it shows less and less information until you are just left with a list of tasks, with no clutter and distractions.


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